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PharmacyGo Medical Supplies is your complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solutions provider.

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, PharmacyGo Medical Supplies from Mississauga Ontario is pleased to help during this difficult and challenging time.  In keeping with our vision & our values, we are pleased to help and give back by using Canadian products and working with Canadian Companies & Canadian Workers when possible. We are a licensed and registered provider of medical supplies and equipment and our products are thoroughly reviewed and are certified by either Health Canada, FDA or CE. We try to ensure we carry products of medical grade and those that have been reviewed for their technical specifications and certifications. This helps to ensure that high value and excellent quality products are delivered to you.

We're stocked and have already been assisting with the supplies needed for the COVID-19 Crisis for Governments, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Frontline Healthcare Workers & Essential Businesses to ensure safety, protection & governmental requirements are met with the critical Personal Protective Equipment they need. Let us help you also!

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Masks-KN95 / N95
Rapid Tests
Hand Sanitizers
Face Shields
Protective Accessories

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Level 1 Surgical Masks (50/bx)
  • $5.95
Level 2 Surgical Masks (50/bx)
  • $9.95
Level 3 Surgical Masks (50/bx)
  • From $11.95
Premium Black Disposable Masks (50/bx)
  • $8.95

KN95 and N95 Masks


Masks - KN95 -Box of 10
  • $14.99
  • $12.99


N95 Respirator - Moldex Masks - Niosh Approved (20/box)
  • $99.99
  • $75.00


Nitrile Gloves- INTCO Synguard-Powder Free (100/box)
  • $9.95
Gloves - V-Force Vinyl Clear
  • $7.95


Vinyl Gloves - Duraplus- Lightly Powdered 240 Series - (100/bx)
  • $14.97
  • $5.00
Disposable Gloves Dispenser: Wall Mount AGD-W1
  • $7.99


Level 1 Gowns
  • $1.48
Level 2 Gowns
  • $1.98
Level 3 Gowns
  • $2.48
Surgical Gowns: Levels 1, 2, 3

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Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer - Fourplus - 100 mL
  • $0.99

Sold out

Hand Sanitizer -Germs Be Gone- 236 ML
  • $5.95


Hand Sanitizer - QT San-1L
  • $9.99
  • $7.97
Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Wall Mounted 1000 mL
  • $59.98



Disinfectant Wipes - ULTRA SWIPES - Pack of 160
  • $14.99
  • $12.50
Lysol Disinfectant Wipes - 100 wipes
  • $9.99
Lysol Wipes- Pack of 100
  • $7.99



Alcohol Prep Pads 70% - Alliance- (200/Box)
  • $7.99
  • $5.99
Disinfectant-Fantastik All-Purpose Cleaner-650mL
  • $6.99
Disinfectant-Clorox Bleach Cleaner - 946mL
  • $7.99
Lysol All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner Spray - Apple Blossoms - 650mL
  • $6.99

Protective Accessories

Safety Glasses
  • $2.49
Bouffant Caps - (100/bag)
  • $19.00
Shoe Covers - Size: Regular - (100/bag)
  • $39.00
Safety Goggles
  • $4.99

Home Healthcare

Pain Relief Solutions
Sleep Support
Sitting Support
Recovery Solutions

Customer Satisfaction

Offering nothing but the best in quality & service.

Fantastic products, and even better service. I was looking everywhere for PPE to cover a large last minute project and was fortunate to come across this company. Rick responded quickly, and fulfilled my order same day. First-time customer; lifetime buyer. Thank you for the assistance!

Michael Lawrence

Great company! Honest, reliable and have great knowledge of there products. Great prices too! Highly recommend them.

Raji Bains

I recently needed to source PPE for my company and they were able to help me find the right products to meet all the requirements. They worked with me to meet our needs for delivery schedule and pricing. I can’t recommend them enough.

Aldo Lang

My order arrived quickly. Customer service is excellent and prompt.
Very pleased.

Pat B

Very fast, friendly, knowledgeable service with good prices. Excellent to deal with, would highly recommend.

BL Cormack

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