Sustainable Purchasing Policy

At PharmacyGo, we are committed to making sustainable purchasing decisions.

As a distributor that works with a large group of manufacturers, our purchasing decisions are one of our most powerful decisions for sustainability. That is why it is important to take social, environmental, and economic aspects into consideration when making our purchasing decisions.

Supporting Local Businesses and Economies

Whenever possible, we strive to work with Canadian suppliers and small businesses in our local community, as this will positively impact local economies.

Encouraging Sustainability

By carefully selecting suppliers who share our views, we support those who take social, environmental, and economic factors into consideration. This can stimulate and help to develop markets for locally produced products that are made using sustainable business practices.

Applying this Policy

All of our purchasers apply this policy when choosing which suppliers to work with. We also ask our suppliers to provide information about their products relating to this policy.

Seek out products and suppliers that:

  • are local
  • are designed to minimize environmental impacts
  • use non-hazardous materials
  • use recycled raw materials
  • conserve energy
  • reduce waste

Take Social Impacts into consideration, such as:

  • The health & safety of our employees
  • Community well-being
  • Hiring local manufacturers, contractors, and service providers
  • The purchase of products and services from local Aboriginal, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses.
  • Purchasing from suppliers that follow sustainable labour practices
  • Knowing where the product originates
  • Human Rights and Accessibility Obligations