How Different Masks Keep You Safe - N95, KN95, and Surgical Masks


All masks aren’t equal. It’s important to have the right level of protection to ensure you and others you come into contact with are kept safe.

If you’re visiting your grandma in a long term care home, or going to a hospital, or somewhere with a high concentration of people, you should always ensure that you use masks that are FDA and/or NIOSH approved because they have been tested for their effectiveness in fluid resistance, bacterial filtration and particulate filtration.

Here are some scenarios that give an idea of what type of mask to use.

Maximum Protection: For situations where there is high potential of exposure to bodily fluids and social distancing cannot be avoided. Primarily used by medical professionals and front line workers.

☑️N95/KN95 Mask
☑️Surgical Level 3 Mask

Moderate protection: Best in situations where there is low to moderate exposure to bodily fluids.
☑️Surgical Level 2 Mask

Low protection: For general use. Best in situations where there is a minimal risk of exposure to bodily fluids.
☑️Surgical Level 1 Mask

Long story short - the higher fluid resistance and bacterial filter efficiency (BFE) the mask provides, the more protection you get.